The good news is for those of you wanting low volume production parts -quantity is no longer such a barrier to accessing the process you want. We offer exceptional capacity and process options allowing customised production parts of varying quantities within timescales to suit your need. We globally source suppliers from Scotland to the Far East to provide flexibility of service for you.


Low Volume

Traditionally there has always been a huge gulf between prototype and the other end of the scale, high volume production. At Protobroker we pride ourselves in being able to bridge the gap, filling the void in the middle. In fact we would go as far as to say we are specialists in this area!

Our expertise within the newest innovative processes and materials, along with our love of a challenge, allows us to be completely client driven, putting your needs at the top of our priority list.

Options are limitless and exciting! We apply both additive manufacturing techniques and more conventional subtractive techniques to the direct manufacture, or tooling and moulding, of components across a wide range of batch sizes where others fear to tread!


Mass Production

Separating low volume from mass production is a numbers game and subject to differing interpretations.

Our experience takes us from low volume into hundreds of thousands, or put another way, container loads! We would be the first to acknowledge that we lack a track record of dealing in millions, a specialist area in its own right!

Manufacturing in both the Far East and the UK, we utilise the optimum resource and deliver you the benefit.

We look after the logistics and deliver product where you want it, when you want it, no problem.



Additive Manufacturing

As experts in the field of additive manufacture and 3D printing, we are well placed to introduce you to the possibilities additive manufacture can offer.

However, we do not do this in isolation. Additive manufacture is a powerful tool used in the right way and at the right time. It is not a panacea to all manufacturing issues and does not come without its own set of design rules!

Parts can seldom be considered in isolation and need to be reviewed in context. Then and only then will the true potential of this exciting option begin to make itself known.

Big opportunities exist for both metal and plastic components, designed for the process. If you are as excited as we are by the possibilities for additive manufacturing please give us a call!



Associated with manufacture is a range of auxiliary services frequently required to bring a new product to market. By far the most obvious is component assembly, followed by testing, packing and overall quality assurance.

Whilst for low volumes this is frequently an area that is undertaken in-house, it can quickly grow to become an issue requiring recruitment and increased working area. As an alternative, Protobroker can undertake this as part of the overall manufacturing strategy.

Particularly where components are being supplied through the Far East, we can arrange for some or all of these functions to be completed ahead of importation to the UK or shipment to their final destination.

Requirements will vary considerably, so by far the best option is to contact us directly, to see how we will be able to help.