Todays Prototyping solutions predominantly rely on 3D printed (Stereo lithography - SLA) or 3D sintered (Selective Laser Sintering - SLS) technologies, which are both fast and accurate, with Materials constantly evolving to become truly representative of Production Materials, be that Plastics or Metals (Additive Manufacturing - AM)

Many Prototype Solutions are either cost of lead - time driven, which can restrict available Manufacturing options, we would all love to be able to produce fully functional prototypes, using desired materials, in under 10 working days, by utilising various production processes this is no longer a pipe dream.

We are increasingly encountering Project requirements that need to combine several different technologies to achieve a solution that not only looks and feels like the proposed production assembly, but also needs to incorporate as many of its functional performance specifications as is physically possible, we are in a position where we can draw on these technologies, we are not tied to a specific process and therefore will not limit the performance of the Prototyping solution.

We are often producing Prototyping solutions that incorporate several technologies and are extremely experienced at advising on suitable processes to increase the value of your prototype.