Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is ideal for producing small quantities of parts, allowing Low Volume Production of truly representative components, both mechanically and in appearance. Often used for Exhibitions and Field Trials.

The huge variety of polyurethanes available allows for almost any material characteristic required can be achieved using this process. It is even possible to create transparent, coloured and rubber parts, so that, in conjunction with an appropriate surface finish, any type of plastic product can be created.

Silicone Tool life varies with resin selection, but is typically approximately 25 parts, this is due the Silicone Tool being Heat Cycled during the process, which causes the Silicone to become progressively less flexible, which in turn causes the dimensional accuracy to fall off dramatically after 25 tool shots.

If your requirement demands more than 25 components you may wish to consider RIM Castings or Injection Moulding

Typical lead times of 5-7 Working Days for first Casting, from completion of a suitable SLA or CNC Machined master

Please contact us for current capacity or advice.