Make use of our design for manufacture service. We give added value to your project by advancing your design data through technical analysis using SolidWorks Premium, Simulation Professional and Moldflow systems. Our unbiased, specialist knowledge of the latest materials, processes and techniques allows us to optimise your design for the best process before manufacture.


Design Support

This is very much defined by the title!

At Protobroker we are regularly dealing with a wide range of manufacturing processes and as such are well placed to answer queries that you may encounter during a product design.

…and if we don’t know, we certainly know someone who will!

Now we would not be arrogant enough to claim to know everything, but if we are familiar with what you are trying to achieve and you can send us the data, then it is in our own interests to ensure the part can be manufactured!

Please pick up the phone and talk to us if you have a question regarding your design project - we will be happy to help.


Data Checks

All manufacturing that we undertake utilises the 3D data supplied by the client, or is generated by ourselves if design is part of the service.

As such, ensuring that the parts go together and have been modeled at the correct tolerance, is as important as ensuring the tolerances are achievable by the process employed.

The ever increasing functionality of today's software is a great help here, but the old adage of check, check and check again remains very applicable.

The earlier in your project we can be involved, means we can take away some of your headaches and help make this critical part of your project go as smoothly as possible. This is often the point at which time, and therefore money, can be saved later on down the line.



2D-3D Translation

Whilst the cost of 3D modelling software has fallen substantially over the years, not everyone has the skills, access or time to generate the 3D computer models necessary for manufacturing a new design.

If this is you then don’t worry! However your ideas exist, be it sketches, 2D data, concept drawings, artists impressions or even early handmade prototypes, we can help.

If you need a full design service, we can supply it. Alternatively we can work with the drawings you have to create the 3D information necessary to drive today's manufacturing methods.

Whatever the starting point for your idea, we can work with you to create the necessary data for prototypes or manufacturing.


Design For Manufacture

Design for manufacture (DFM) is incredibly important, even in additive manufacturing! But don't worry, this is where Protobroker's knowledge and expertise can help.

It’s all about taking full advantage of the selected manufacturing process whilst at the same time engineering the part(s) to suit the process and minimise cost.

Issues can range from a simple chamfer around a hole that requires an extra setup when CNC Machining, to the way in which a hole is created during injection moulding that may require an additional side action. We are able to help with all these issues and more.

As the manufacturing method is frequently undecided when a client initially approaches us, support to make the necessary changes becomes an important part of the design service we supply.